Center for Property Rights

2009 Spr⁠i⁠ng/Summer Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2009

Message from the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
JMI is part of a nationwide movement of organizations advocating free-market principles.From the Editor’s Desk
“Tea parties” reflect taxpayers’ anger.Letters to the Editor
Readers offer their thoughts on a variety of topics.COVER STORY’Old School’ Civics for a New Age – William R. Mattox, Jr.
Why founding principles should be the foundation of civics education.ARTICLESSandra Day O’Connor on Civics Education – Sandra Day O’Connor
The former Supreme Court Justice’s remarks to the Florida Legislature.The Crisis of Economic Illiteracy – Sandra Czelusniac
Survey says: Most of the nation’s students (and grown-ups) are clueless about economics.Great Myths of the Great Depression – Lawrence Reed
What most Americans are taught about the Depression’s causes and cures is wrong.Resurgent Labor Unions Reach for More Power – Scott Dilley
Labor bosses would love to make membership mandatory – and expensive.Obama’s Climate/Energy Agenda: Trouble for Florida – James M. Taylor
Drilling bans and “Cap and Trade” schemes will cost jobs and hurt the state’s economy.Uniformity Rulings Jeopardize School Choice Programs – Doug Tuthill
Are the politicians who run government schools trying to rub out the competition?Best Kept Secret in Florida Education – Kathy Mizerek
Private, for-profit schools and colleges serve by catering to their customers’ needs.Transparency Can Keep Government Accountable – Barbara A. Peterson
Taxpayers deserve to see where their money goes – and it shouldn’t be so difficult.Antony Fisher, Margaret Thatcher, and the James Madison Institute – J. Stanley Marshall
How a chicken farming British war hero changed the course of history.If at First You Don’t Secede… – Thomas V. DiBacco
We’ve only seen one official secession succeed, but we’ve had several informal ones.BOOK REVIEWSFunding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes
of the Conservative Movement.
By Nicole Hoplin and Ron Robinson
– Reviewed by J. Stanley Marshall
Without the flow of money and ideas from supporters of liberty, the conservative movement might have withered on the vine.48 Liberal Lies About American History
(That You Probably Learned in School)
By Larry Schweikart
– Reviewed by Francisco Gonzalez
This book offers a cautionary tale about a potential downside to the overdue effort to revive the teaching of “civics,” broadly defined to include history, economics, and other subjects that citizens arguably need to know in order to participate intelligently in the nation’s civic affairs. The author shows that the version of history being taught does matter.