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FL Chamber: Governor Calls for Tax Reforms Dur⁠i⁠ng Insurance Summ⁠i⁠⁠t⁠

By: The James Madison Institute / 2014

Speaking to insurance policy and industry experts attending the Florida Chamber of Commerce Annual Insurance Summit, Governor Rick Scott today took further steps to make Florida more competitive through targeted tax reforms.As part of his “It’s Your Money Tax Cut,” Governor Scott today proposed a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday – tripling the number of days that families can purchase tax exempt clothing and school supplies, and saving taxpayers an estimated $60 million in state and local taxes.This is the third consecutive year Governor Scott has proposed tax reforms. This proposal builds on his current efforts to eliminate the 2009 increase in motorist fees that were approved when Charlie Crist was Governor – a $401 million savings.The Florida Chamber believes that targeted tax reforms will build on Florida’s improving business climate. More and more Floridians are getting back-to-work, our population is growing, education reforms are working and Florida’s business climate is improving. Putting money back into the hands of taxpayers will further benefit Floridians.A recent Tax Foundation study, ranks Florida as having the 5th best tax system. Praising Florida for the achievement, Florida Chamber Executive Vice President David Hart said, “Shooting for number one is absolutely the goal for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.”“Jobs, growth and opportunity is a Florida agenda. An opportunity economy will allow people to keep more of their money and families will have more money to invest in their future,” Hart said.Among individuals attending the Florida Chamber’s Insurance Summit were representatives from:

State Farm
American Consumer Institute
Holland and Knight
AIR Worldwide
Pinnacle Actuarial
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
Personal Insurance Federation of Florida
Thomas Howell Ferguson
Florida Association of Insurance Agents
Florida Realtors
James Madison Institute
Florida Justice Reform Institute
Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center
Citizens Property Insurance, Corporation
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Groelle & Salmon
Institute for Building and Home Safety