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01/13/03 – I⁠t⁠’s Been Sa⁠i⁠d Before, Bu⁠t⁠ Governmen⁠t⁠ Needs Rem⁠i⁠nd⁠i⁠ng: No⁠t⁠h⁠i⁠ng In L⁠i⁠fe ⁠i⁠s Free

By: The James Madison Institute / 2003

AmericaWest Airlines announced recently that it would begin offering meals aboard its flights to those passengers wishing to pay extra for the food.

The Phoenix-based airline discontinued food service on many of its routes in a costcutting move following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Even before the attacks, airline food had long been criticized for its lack of culinary appeal, but the idea of offering an optional service–in this case food–for an extra price is an idea that government should heed.