The Center for Property Rights addresses the people’s right to possess, use, exclude from and dispose of private property as our Founding Fathers iterated in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. These rights are threatened and diminished today by numerous means not limited to the overreach of intense government regulations and rules, environmental extremism and a growing Federal Estate. These threats limit or destroy the free-market principles of property ownership and use, which made our nation exceptional throughout history. Through research and education efforts, the Center aims to guide and equip legislators and citizens with the tools and information necessary to stand strong for one of the fundamental building blocks of our nation.

Property rights promote both economic security and conservation of scarce resources. Looking back over the economic prosperity that the United States has enjoyed, we find a unique thread that has been carried throughout – contracts and property rights matter and the rule of law exists to uphold them. We cannot hope to have personal security, let alone economic prosperity, without a common trust in the rule of law concerning, among other things, rights of property and liberty.

The Center for Property Rights exists to maximize the liberty of property rights and limit the role of government through public policy recommendations that include a balanced approach of government regarding:

1. Constitutional guarantees and protections of private property with emphasis on eminent domain and property forfeiture

2. Government restrictions on property through the use of laws, regulations and agency rules

3. Exposure of current and future threats to restrict property rights especially in the name of environmental protection and sustainability

4. Exposure of current and future threats to reduce or eliminate private property especially in the name of conservation and the “public good”