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Flor⁠i⁠da vs. Cal⁠i⁠forn⁠i⁠a: By ⁠t⁠he Numbers

By: Logan Padgett / 2023

Logan Padgett


Blueprint Florida



Florida is the most sought-after destination for potential movers, with 34,000 individuals actively searching for homes in the state. In 2022, Florida saw 318,855 domestic net in-migration. 

California tops the list of states people are leaving, with 43,000 users on looking to relocate away from the state. According to U-Haul data, from 2017 to 2022, California witnessed substantial outmigration, ranking among the highest in the nation. 


Florida, under Governor DeSantis, expanded school choice universally, allowing low-income and middle-class families to choose the best education for their children. The results are visible in superior learning outcomes, with Florida consistently outperforming California in education rankings. Florida’s educational achievements are attained with considerably lower per-pupil spending. 

While CA Governor Newsom chooses to send his kids to elite private schools, he has failed to give California parents the opportunity to use a portion of the state’s per-pupil funding at the school of their choice. Compared to Florida’s students’ scores in literacy, California’s students ranked two points below the national average and spend $22,893 per K-12 student. 


In California, the number of violent crimes reported was 183,546 in 2021 more than double the state of Florida. 


The median cost of a home in Florida in April 2023 was $410,000. Florida’s homeless population has decreased by 46% since 2007. 

The average cost of homes in California is $836,110. California is home to seven out of the top 10 most expensive cities for tenants. Since Gov. Newsom took office, California has spent almost $20 billion to reduce homelessness, only to see it rise nearly 25%. 


Florida is one of nine states without an income tax. California’s high state income tax rates—the 49th worst in the nation—take a significant portion of its residents’ earnings, discouraging economic growth and investment.


Florida stands out as one of the top two states for entrepreneurs, specifically those forming Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). California ranks last in the nation for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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