Property Insurance

Hold ⁠t⁠he L⁠i⁠ne: Flor⁠i⁠da’s Insurance Reforms and ⁠t⁠he Pa⁠t⁠h Ahead

By: Guest Author / 2023

Guest Author

Property Insurance


Christian R. Cámara

After years of modest reforms that merely managed the decline of the state’s property insurance market, the Florida Legislature finally took bold action a year ago that attacks the root causes of what is currently the most significant crisis to impact Florida residents. Senate Bill 2A, enacted during a special legislative session in December of 2022, included several provisions ranging from insurance regulatory reform and tighter eligibility standards for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, to significant changes in Florida’s tort laws with the goal of both stemming the tide of litigation and massive insurance losses, and attracting much-needed capital investment. When lawmakers reconvened during the 2023 Regular Legislative Session three months later, they enacted additional reforms to build upon those passed in December.

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