07/03/02 – Good Job, Dr. Ga⁠i⁠nous. Bad Job, FAMU Board

By: The James Madison Institute / 2002



It is good to be able to say something nice about someone.

A long time ago, as I was doing some research in the state archives, I came across a Post-it note stuck to a clipping from the Miami Herald. The article highlighted the fact that a state arts board had returned to the treasury a sum of money it did not believe it needed. The note attached to the article was written by a state senator widely regarded as a liberal who wanted nothing more than to tax and spend. But the note gave a different impression. It read, “It is nice that some people don’t feel they have to spend every state dollar they can get their hands on.” From that day forward, I felt a little better about that senator, and a report the other day has given me reason to feel good about someone else.