1998 Fall Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 1998



Message From the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
Cover Stories
Merit Retention for Florida’s Trial Judges

It’s an Idea that Works – Martha W. Barnett

A Bad Idea Gets Worse – Kenneth L. Connor
Two opposing views of the state’s dual judicial selection system. An amendment will be proposed in the November general election.
The First Shot in a Long War – Brett Organ
A complaint filed against a teachers’ union in Ocala starts a heated confrontation.

American Heritage Rivers: Another Property Rights Battle – Stacie Thomas and Bruce Yandle
The latest program to federalize rivers will place a stranglehold on property owners.

Kids Killing Kids – Ray Wisher
A police detective provides an unusual perspective on today’s troubled teens.

Teachers Say No to Union Merger – J. Stanley Marshall
An analysis of this summer’s faltering alliance between the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

Reclaiming America’s Religious Freedom, Part 2 – John W. Cooper
An examination of the role of religion in society as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Book Review: Out of Order: Arrogance, Corruption, and Incompetence on the Bench – John F. Lowndes
Max Boot suggests that state judges are more important to the future of the legal system than members of the Supreme Court.