1998 Summer Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 1998



Message From the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
Cover Story
The Florida Lottery: A Critical Examination – Tait Trussell
Floridians deserve to know the whole story behind the decade-old state lottery-the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s no risk-free game.
Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon: A Charter School – Michael G. Strader
A summary of the current status of the charter school movement in Florida.

A Voice from the Present- Peter Schorsch
A look at the “Banker-Boom” generation and its financial future-by one of its own.

Stage Setting – James V. DeLong
An examination of the current political, legal, and intellectual struggles swirling around property rights and the conflicts they engender.

Broken Trust – Ray Wisher
One view of today’s teenage offenders and their parents’ angst through the eyes of a concerned police detective.

Reclaiming America’s Religious Freedom – John W. Cooper
A warning that liberty cannot survive in America without a restoration of religious and moral sentiment. First of a two part