1999 Fall Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 1999



Message From the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
Cover Story
Anatomy of a Plebiscite – Peter Doherty
The story of how one civic activist derailed the Miami-Dade County mayor’s plan to increase the sales tax to fund transportation projects.
The Proper Scope of Democracy – Tibor R. Machan
Democracy is no excuse for abandoning basic principles of human social life.

The Flaws of Light Rail – Tait Trussell
Orlando scuttles, then revives, a controversial light rail system, while Tampa’s mass transit project hangs on a referendum vote.

Building Social Capital – Marvin Olasky
The values citizens possess and the linkages they make through voluntary affiliations are vital for solving social problems.

The Good Son – Ray Wisher
A Florida police officer is inspired by the steadfastness and integrity of a young witness.