1999 Spr⁠i⁠ng/Summer Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 1999



Message From the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
Cover Story
What Florida’s College Students Say They Didn’t Learn in Their High School Government Class – Susan A. MacManus
A recent survey indicates Florida high school graduates are undereducated on the basics of citizenship.
Florida Forever Needs a Sharp Focus – David R. Colburn and Lance deHaven Smith
Recommendations for Florida Forever, a 10-year, $3 billion undertaking that succeeds the expiring Preservation 2000 environmental protection program.

People with Impact: Frances Stavros – Brett Organ
SAVE, founded in 1987 to provide scholarships for postsecondary vocational training, is saving futures in Pinellas County.

Florida’s Unethical Tobacco Deal – Randall G. Holcombe
A critique of the state’s settlement with the tobacco industry for the cost of treating smoking-related illnesses under Medicaid.

The Legacy of Alec P. Courtelis – Jere Moore Jr.
Alec Courtelis, a dedicated, determined immigrant, achieved his dream of enriching the lives of Floridians.

Teacher Accountability in Charter Schools – Lewis Solomon and Mary Gifford
Teacher contract renewal is subject to performance-based incentives in 58 percent of Arizona’s charter schools.