2002 Fall Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2002



Message From the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
Cover Story
Three Tax Issues for Florida – Randall G. Holcombe
Florida’s sales tax, intangible property tax, and motor fuels tax should be on the agenda when the 2003 legislature convenes.
In Balance: The Electric Utility Industry and the Environment – Peter Schorsch and J. Stanley Marshall
Working to meet burgeoning demands for power, the electric utility industry balances meeting these demands with environmental citizenship.

Teacher Supply and Free Markets: Why Not? – Gary Landry
The teacher shortage is caused by an antiquated one-size-fits-all pay plan that the teacher unions willingly use to “spread
misery equally,” rather than allow Florida’s teachers to be adequately compensated.

A Signature Victory for Property Rights – Peter Schorsch
No, they are not always pretty, but billboards deserve the same private property protections as other commercial endeavors.