Press Releases

2006 S⁠i⁠gh⁠t⁠⁠i⁠ngs/C⁠i⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠ngs – May & June

By: The James Madison Institute / 2006

June 26 – 27 – State Policy Network – Atlanta, GA – Communications Director Clendinen participates in SPN’s Telecom Immersion Workshop
June 17 – 540 AM A Different Direction- Orlando – Talk radio guest, Policy Director Sanchez, discussed and answered call-in questions on practicing fiscal responsibility with tax dollars and limiting government growth
June 15 – United States Commission on Civil Rights- Washington, D.C. – Pres. McClure tapped to serve on the Florida State Advisory Committee
June 8 – 11 – The Nassau Institute- Nassau, Bahamas – By invitation of Ambassador Rood, Pres. McClure participates in NI’s conference Taking Small Nations to Greatness: Free Trade, Security and Education
June 8 – El Nuevo Herald- Miami – Quotes from Pres. McClure included in article reviewing the controversial “Death Tax”
May 30 – Democratic Club of North Florida – Tallahassee – Policy Director Bob Sanchez participates in A Day without a Mexican movie and immigration reform panel discussion
May 22 – Tallahassee 100 – Tallahassee – Pres. McClure presents a post-legislative analysis and discusses what the future holds for public policy in Florida
May 17 – Rotary Club – Tallahassee – Adjunct Scholar and Research Advisory Council member Prof. J.B. Ruhl speaks on recent legislation regarding eminent domain
May 9 – Northeast Business Association Meeting – Tallahassee – In the wake of the 2006 Legislative Session, Pres. McClure presents an update on eminent domain and other public policy issues
May 4 – The Weekly Standard – Tallahassee – Briefing with Pres. McClure and Fred Barnes of FOX News and The Weekly Standard
May 4 – The Wall Street Journal – New York, NY – Editorial “Rotten Apples” cites research by JMI and others in commending the positive impacts of voucher programs
May 2 – Luncheon & Book Signing – Tallahassee – JMI hosts best-selling author Peter Schweizer to speak on his latest book, Do As I Say (Not As I Do)
May 2 – 88.9 FM Capital Report – Tallahassee – Policy Director Sanchez debates school vouchers with FEA spokesman Mark Pudlow