2006 W⁠i⁠n⁠t⁠er/Spr⁠i⁠ng Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2006



Message from the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall

Students might chuckle if a teacher said the world is flat, but Americans who have read Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat aren’t laughing. They’re worried – and for good reason.

From the Editor’s Desk

What are a couple of health-care articles doing in an issue like this, which is mostly about education? The answer has to do with the state budget, the teachers union, and WalMart.

Letters to the Editor

Readers E.T. York and Dexter Douglass respond to articles in the Fall 2005 Journal. We welcome input from all of our readers, so please keep those cards and letters (and e-mails) coming.
Cover Story
Why the Court Was Wrong on Vouchers – Clark Neily

Institute for Justice attorney Clark Neily, who served on the legal tema that defended Florida’s Opportunity Scholarships program, explains how the Florida Supreme Court erred.
Maybe the Best School District in Florida – J. Stanley Marshall

How did the Okaloosa County School District manage to post Florida’s best results in the classroom while spending significantly less than many other districts? Mystery solved!

God and Man at Yale, Revisited – Michael Camarda

A lot has changed since young Yale grad William F. Buckley Jr. wrote his provocative book exposing left-wing inroads at his alma mater. The problem has worsened.

Intrgued by Canada? Don’t Go There! ‘Looking-Glass Health Care’ – Susan K. Riggs

There’s an Alice-in-Wonderland quality in the healthcare debate in which advocates of socialized medicine admiringly cite Canada as an example to emulate. The author notes that access to a waiting list – the Canadian plan – is not the same thing as access to health care.

Can Vouchers Save Health Care? – Robert “Jake” Bebber

Is there a way to bridge the gap between universal health care and a market-based solution? The author evaluates a health voucher plan that attempts to do so.

The 2006 Florida Education Summit – Various Authors

The January 24 event drew a packed house to Florida State University’s University Center Club. The attendees heard Gov. Jeb Bush and various experts outline the steps that will be needed for Florida and the rest of the United States to establish the kind of educational system that will allow the next generation of Americans to compete in an incresingly competitive global economy.