2007 Fall Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2007



Message from the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall

Dr. Randall Holcombe exemplifies the scholars whose work elevates JMI.

From the Editor’s Desk

Alarmists about “global warming” need to come clean on the high cost of “green.”

Letters to the Editor

An insurance industry executive lauds two legislators’ articles in the summer Journal.
Why Florida Needs Property Tax Limits – Randall G. Holcombe

The noted economist outlines the problem and a plan to provide enduring tax relief.

Election 2008: Easier (Or Tougher) for Florida Voters – Susan A. MacManus

Lawmakers have made changes, but much remains to be done to avoid embarrassment.

Hometown Democracy Amendment: A Surefire Way to Cause More Election-Day Havoc – Ryan Houck

Voting on every land-use amendment will create logjams.

Voting? It’s Always Been a Problem – Thomas V. DiBacco

Our forebears struggled with voting methods ranging from marbles to machines.

A Blast from the Past: A Critique of Florida’s System of Higher Education – Charles B. Reed

The former Chancellor of the State University System lists some of the challenges Florida’s system of higher education faces.

Bringing Stable Governance to Florida’s Universities – Robin Gibson

The former Board of Regents chairman explains what the state Constitution now requires.

Private Higher Education: A Key to Florida’s Future – Ed H. Moore

Florida’s independent institutions stand ready to shoulder their share of the load.

Public Disclosure: A Founding Principle that Boosts Accountability Today – Pat Gleason

Our nation’s founders disagreed about many issues, but not about open government.
Book Review
The Age of Abundance – Reviewed by J. Stanley Marshall

Brink Lindsey’s book explains how America’s prosperity has reshaped its politics.