Center for Property Rights

2008 W⁠i⁠n⁠t⁠er/Spr⁠i⁠ng Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2008

Message from the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall

JMI lost a great friend with the untimely death of Jerry Lundquist.

From the Editor’s Desk

Why our readers are receiving a combined Winter/Spring issue of The Journal.

Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on property taxes and property insurance.
California, Here We Come? – J. Robert McClure

The Golden State’s dysfunctional government is no role model for the Sunshine State.

Technology + Transparency = More Accountability – Grover Norquist

Now it’s easier for governments to let taxpayers see where their money goes.

Spending or Results? What Ought to Count in Education – Liam Julian

In the absence of reliable data, advocates use and abuse dubious statistics.

Why Term Limits Are Needed – George Blumel

Bringing fresh faces into the political process allows for fresh ideas.

Why Term Limits Cause Problems – Rep. Dan Gelber

Forcing out experienced lawmakers has weakened, not strengthened, the Legislature.

How Florida Can Reduce Its Transportation Deficit – Doug Callaway

The private sector can be part of the solution for Florida’s infrastructure problems.

Canada’s Healthcare Lesson: No Rx for Fear of Freedom – Susan K. Riggs

Note to political posers: Access to a waiting list isn’t the same as access to health care.

The Cult of Global Warming – Robert “Jake” Bebber

Beware of the quasi-religious fervor of those purporting to save us from climate change.

The Sorrow and the P.I.T.I. in Florida’s Housing Market – Robert F. Sanchez

Government meddling is killing the American dream of home ownership.

Limited Government Relies on Personal Responsibility – John Scott Clendinen

Government expands its reach when individuals fail to exert self-control.

An Ally in the Fight Against Judicial Activism – Chris Sprowls

The Federalist Society defends the Constitution’s authors’ original intent.

A Personal Remembrance of Intellectual Soulmates: Buckley, Ekirch, and Goldwater – Thomas V. DiBacco

The noted historian discusses the influence of three leading conservatives.
Book Review
The Education Morass: Overcoming the Stalemate in American Education – Reviewed by J. Stanley Marshall

The reviewer praises Myron Lieberman’s book as “one of the more compelling critiques of public education that I’ve read in many years.”