Center for Property Rights

2010 W⁠i⁠n⁠t⁠er Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2010

Message from the Publisher – J. Stanley Marshall
The school-reform debate goes worldwide.From the Editor’s Desk – Robert F. Sanchez
Government transparency’s next step: ‘growing panes’.Letters to the Editor
Readers offer their thoughts on a variety of topics.COVER STORY
Will Florida Join the List of ‘Failed States’? – J. Robert McClure
The dire experience of California serves as a warning for other states, including Florida.ARTICLES States May (and Should) Opt Out of Federal Healthcare Mandate – Christie Herrera
State lawmakers ought to strike a blow for individual liberty. Freedom Matters, Freedom Works – U.S. Rep. Connie Mack
Yet the Federal Government is ignoring our nation’s founding principles.Wade Hopping: Champion of Freedom – Toby Prince Brigham
A tribute to one of Florida’s staunchest defenders of property rights. Technology Could Virtually Transform Florida Education – Paticia Levesque
Before that can occur, however, obstacles need to be removed.Our Self-Imposed Obstacles to Energy Independence – James L. Martin
Florida’s senior citizens will be among the biggest losers under current energy policies. Florida Has a Huge Stake in the ‘Death Tax’ Debate – Dick Patten
Estate taxes penalize thrift and diminish the capital available for job creation. State Farm Florida: Good Neighbor or Good Riddance? – Kelton M. Farris
Florida’s regulatory climate remains unfriendly to private property insurers. Hope Is on the Horizon for Harried Florida Motorists – Robert Poole
The state now has two powerful tools for reducing traffic congestion. What Will Become of Newspapers? -Neil Skene
A veteran journalist contemplates the altered state of the print media- and the impact.
The Obscure Journalist Who Inspired the Political Left – Thomas V. DiBacco
How Herbert Croly laid the intellectual foundation for a vast expansion of government.BOOK REVIEWS
Origins of American Health Insurance:
A History of Industrial Sickness Funds
-Reviewed by Ben VanMetre and Joshua Hall
The current Debate in Washington concerning healthcare “reform” echoes many issues being debated a century ago.The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers,
and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics
40 More Years: How the Democrats
Will Rule the Next Generation
-Reviewed by Francisco Gonzalez
These two books offer an inside look at how the forces of big government are planning to prevail in the historic “battle of ideas” now raging in Washington and in many state capitals.