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2011–Dec15 FYI: JMI’s Top 11 Resul⁠t⁠s ⁠i⁠n 2011

By: The James Madison Institute / 2011

In 2011, The James Madison Institute’s research and education efforts led to the following 11 results advancing liberty in Florida:

Reformed Florida’s Medicaid program by shifting Florida’s outdated fee-for-service model to a new, statewide, free-market managed care system.
Advanced Public Employee Pension Reform by laying the groundwork for state government employees to contribute 3% of their salary to their pension plan. Florida had previously been the only state where government employees didn’t contribute something.
Cosponsored the first ever Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Florida, with more than 3,500 paid attendees and every Presidential candidate running for the Republican nomination. JMI President Bob McClure welcomed conference participants to Florida and introduced Governor Rick Scott for his keynote address.
Protected health care by providing the intellectual ammunition for the Health Care Freedom Act, which will be on the Florida ballot in November 2012.
Expanded school choice inFlorida by laying the foundation for the “Digital Learning Now Act,” which makes it easier for virtual schools to set up inFlorida and for students to take online courses.
Brought attention to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” in government transparency in cities and counties across Florida, through a report released at the media-heavy First Amendment Forum in Tampa during Sunshine Week.
Provided educational experiences for college students with a 3-part Civics Education seminar series at Florida Atlantic University, a “Madison Movie Night” liberty film series for students at Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, and a quality internship for 12 college interns, representing FSU, UF, FAMU, and Penn.
Won the State Policy Network’s SPNovation award for the civics booklet, “Celebrate Freedom,” which was distributed to more than 130,000 high school students in more than 20 Florida counties during Celebrate Freedom Week in September; and provided civics education events throughout Florida on President’s Day, Madison Day, Constitution Day and at the Florida History Fair.
Started a fifth regional board of advisor group, in Panama City, adding to the ones in Jacksonville, Orlando, Palm Beach, and Tampa Bay. 120 Floridians are now part of one of JMI’s five regional advisory groups, meeting formally twice per year in their community.
Earned widespread national media attention, including in The Wall Street Journal and on 60 Minutes and continued to make an impact in Florida’s social media space with more than 1,150 Facebook fans and 1,125 followers on Twitter. Thousands of Floridians self-subscribe to JMI’s e-newsletter, the Madison Policy Digest, and there are several thousand unique hits to JMI’s website each month.
Purchased one of Tallahassee’s oldest and most historic buildings as the Institute’s new headquarters. Renovations are underway at the Columns. JMI is poised to move into our strategic new headquarters in early 2012.

“The James Madison Institute is one of the top three think tanks in America.”
–John Fund, The Wall Street Journal“The James Madison Institute is Florida’s leading voice for liberty through limited  government. JMI consistently produces sound, independent research on the issues affecting all Floridians.”
–Jeb Bush, Former Florida Governor“The James Madison Institute is the North Star – it’s the beacon light of fixed principles.”
–Don Gaetz, Florida Senate President Designate“The James Madison Institute is one of the hottest state think tanks in America. It’s an island of free enterprise sanity in a sea of big government thinking in Tallahassee.”
–Stephen Moore, The Wall Street Journal
“Top 11 Results in 2011” (PDF)