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2011–Jan10 FYI: JMI Closes on New Headquar⁠t⁠ers Bu⁠i⁠ld⁠i⁠ng

By: The James Madison Institute / 2011

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, JMI has recently acquired a new headquarters in Tallahassee.  While our staff won’t be moving in for a few more months, we have signed closing papers to relocate the Institute’s headquarters and bring us closer to the Florida capitol in 2011. For the past few years, JMI has been searching for a new home to house our organization’s growing staff and find a strategic property that will give our free-market ideas more influence. We have found a place that couldn’t be more perfect for our mission and purpose – and just 60 seconds from the state capitol! JMI’s new headquarters is one of the most historic landmarks in Tallahassee. Built in 1830 in the Greek Revival style, the building is known as “The Columns,” a nod to its most impressive feature. A rare gem, it is one of the few buildings in Tallahassee that existed during the lifetime of James Madison. The Columns is on the National Register of Historical Places and was most recently renovated in 1992. The timing is ideal. This is an opportune time for free-market advocates to be stronger and more influential in Florida – arguably the most important public policy arena in the nation. In this more prominent building, JMI is better positioned to host policy and membership events on-site, as well as regular visits from state legislators, business leaders, coalition groups, and others involved in setting Florida’s public policy priorities. In the coming weeks, JMI will be kicking off the public phase of our capital campaign to pay for the final costs of this move as well as some minor renovations to the property. There are numerous opportunities to be involved. For more information or to make your pledge to this campaign, please contact JMI Director of Development Francisco Gonzalez at or call 1-866-340-3131.