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2011–June10 FYI: JMI ⁠t⁠o Hos⁠t⁠ Sen. Joe Negron on Fr⁠i⁠ends of JMI Conference Call

By: The James Madison Institute / 2011

The Institute will host Senator Joe Negron for a Friends of JMI Conference Call on Wednesday, June 15 from 12noon-1pm.Senator Negron will discuss the historic Medicaid reform legislation debated and passed during the 2011 Florida Legislative Session. This entitlement program consumes approximately one-third of the state budget (and growing). These reforms will, over the next few years, begin to rein in costs and allow more dollars to be allocated to other important programs.Medicaid is enormous and complex–this is an opportunity to learn more about the recently enacted reforms and how to articulate them to your colleagues and neighbors.If you are interested in participating in this call, please RSVP to Jenny Stone at: or call 850-386-3131.