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2011–Sep⁠t⁠1 Columns Cap⁠i⁠⁠t⁠al Campa⁠i⁠gn Upda⁠t⁠e

By: The James Madison Institute / 2011

It’s Your Move
By Dr. J. Robert McClure, JMI President & CEO
September 2011
The James Madison Institute is embarking on a most exciting moment in our organization’s history. The many accomplishments we’ve made over the past 24 years in Florida’s public policy arena have only been possible because of the steadfast dedication from citizens all across Florida – and even some beyond our state’s borders, given the national implications policy decisions here have had throughout the years. [Full Article]Donor Spotlight: Panama City Giants Pledge Lead Gifts
September 2011
The purchase of The Columns building was made possible because of two important lead gifts – and due to the steadfast commitment by the Institute’s entire Board of Directors. Several years ago, JMI President Bob McClure developed a plan that called for the Institute to move its headquarters downtown – a strategic decision to give the Institute and the ideas it promotes more prominence. [Full Article]The Columns an enduring local landmark
Tallahassee Democrat
By Elizabeth M. Mack
March 11, 2011
The Columns, the oldest surviving building in the downtown area, has been through many changes and will change yet again as a new tenant prepares to take occupancy in a few months.Built in 1830 when Florida was still just a territory, the house has been a residence, a doctor’s office, a boarding house and the home of apartments and various professional offices. While much has changed — even the building’s location — those signature white columns out front have remained, and so has the name. [Full Article]

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