2011 Summer/Fall Journal

By: The James Madison Institute / 2011



The Summer/Fall 2011 Journal of The James Madison Institute gets back to basics and focuses on a range of critical, foundational issues affecting our nation and our state.

The cover story “Reviving the Tenth Amendment” discusses the need for states to reassert their 10th Amendment rights in order to counter the growing dysfunction of the federal government.
“Why the U.S. Needs a Balanced Budget Amendment” addresses America’s current unsustainable fiscal path and a constitutional tool for returning America to firm financial footing. 
Creating healthy academic environments at our colleges and universities is the topic of “America’s Campuses as an Ideological Battlefield” and “The Quest for Honesty in Academe: Classical Liberalism and the Koch Brothers.”
“Virtual Schooling Expands Education Choices” and “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: A New Charter School for At-Risk Students Overcomes Resistance and Opens Its Doors” explores options for improving K-12 education.
“Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle: Public Employees, Civil Service, and Florida’s Future” re-examines the nature of public employment and the ideal of a professional civil service system free of political influence and accountable to taxpayers.

A veritable policy smorgasbord, this edition also delves into election reform, growth management, Medicaid reform, the influence of talk radio, and more as well as provides historical retrospectives on 9/11 and JMI’s new home, The Columns.