Glen T. Blauch



Glen T. Blauch is the President and CEO of Blauch and Associates, LLC, and insurance consulting and brokerage organization specializing in domestic and international insurance strategies designed to achieve individuals’ wealth preservation, tax, and estate planning goals. He has been actively involved in coordinating the special needs of affluent clientele with the practicalities of actual plan design and implementation for over thirty-five years, and is recognized as a leader in the life insurance industry.

Mr. Blauch has represented numerous insurance carriers as well as the insurance industry in numerous capacities over his career, including and not limited to:

  • Member and on boards of all top U.S. agent production organizations.
  • Member and on the boards of agent and insurance industry associations:
    • Association for Advanced Life Underwriters (A.S.L.U.)
    • International Association of Financial Planners (I.A.F.P.)
    • National Association of Life Underwriters (N.A.L.U.)

Mr. Blauch served his country as an Army Ranger and was an infantryman in South Vietnam in 1969-1970. Mr. Blauch in addition to his professional commitments has founded various charitable organizations and serves as a board member and advisor to various charities.