N⁠i⁠cole K⁠i⁠ser



Nicole Kiser is the Communications Manager at The James Madison Institute. She is responsible for developing new and creative ideas for social media and the promotion of the JMI brand across various platforms. 

Nicole was formerly the PR and Digital Media Assistant for Sociallee PR and Digital Media as well as a former intern for The Heritage Foundation and JMI. 

Through past internships and jobs, she has gained a thorough knowledge of how to utilize social media platforms in order to grow a brand. Nicole has been able to produce content receiving thousands of views on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. 

She is a recent graduate of Florida State University (FSU) with Bachelor of Science degrees in Public Relations and Political Science. While at FSU, Nicole was a member of Lady Spirtihunters and the Florida Public Relations Association Student Capital Chapter. 

She is a panhandle local – growing up in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area – and has resided in Florida since she was two years old. She enjoys embroidery, paddle boarding, reading and hiking. Nicole will also never pass up the opportunity to cheer on any FSU sport.

Fun Fact

Nicole loves movies. She has watched over 1,000 movies and has rated every single one on IMDB.