Russell Tre⁠t⁠⁠t⁠er

Rollins College


Russell Tretter is a senior double major at Rollins College, pursuing degrees in Social Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics. He is a native of Orlando, Florida, and has been actively involved in various leadership roles on campus.

As the Co-President of Rotaract, the collegiate partner of Rotary Club, and the Finance Executor of the Rollins Student Government Association, Russell plays a pivotal role in campus organizations. In his capacity as Finance Executor, he oversees the finances of the student body, ensuring responsible management of funds.

During the past summer, Russell gained valuable experience working in Event Management Software, and he now applies that knowledge to represent the James Madison Institute both on campus and in the surrounding community. Russell’s leadership abilities extend beyond his campus involvements, as he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, demonstrating his commitment to personal growth and community service.

Outside of his academic and leadership pursuits, Russell enjoys extensive travel, exploring new places and cultures. He has a keen interest in nonfiction literature and documentaries, and he spends his free time experimenting with new culinary creations. Additionally, he is dedicated to nurturing his small business venture. Upon graduating from Rollins College, Russell is enthusiastic about gaining experience in the nonprofit or hybrid enterprise sector, with a potential interest in working at a startup. His aspirations reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on the world beyond his college years.