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Can ⁠t⁠he Word Freedom Be Used Too Much?

By: The James Madison Institute / 2013

Can the word freedom be used too much?

It runs through our veins. It's the common bond we all share.It's behind our forefather’s relentless drive to make thedream of a few a spectacular reality for the many.

Generations of families work hard for it, mothers and fathers wake up motivated by it — toensure their children, and their children's children, can count on a life living it.People come to this country, are proud of this country, fight for this country, to preserve it.

The pursuit of freedom is the reason this great country exists, and the reason why giving up is never an option.It's the legacy we have been entrusted with, and the legacy we all must pledge to protect.

Recently, JMI had the privilege to be a part of a naturalization ceremony held at the U.S. courthouse in Tallahassee.
The students who attended with us had the chance to see more than 70 people from 37 countries stand up in a room full of family and friends to publicly pledge their allegiance to America. Each new citizen had a moment to share their feelings about the experience.

This is the best day of my life, said many.

This is a dream come true, said others.

From the palpable pride in the air, none there would say the word freedom could be used too much.

Later that day, JMI hosted nearly 50 high school students for a celebration of famed American economist Milton Friedman's 101st birthday. As one student recounted,
The basic principles of the free market aren't taught like they should be in high school economics classes. The freedom consumers have to choose in America makes the case for higher quality at a lower price. As Dr. Friedman said, 'There is no such thing as a free lunch.' Someone has to pay for the hard work of others. It's wrong to ever think there is shame in making money and working to build a better life for yourself. This country allows us the freedom to achieve self-reliance.

No one said the road would be without bumps. But at least a path has been paved for us to continue our drive forward in hopes of reaching new milestones on our journeys in the land of the free.

The word freedom should never lose its luster. Far too many people sacrificed for us to not feel shivers down our spine when we think about the loss of it.
A great poet once said that, Freedom lies in being bold. At JMI we are here to make an impact; we are here to be bold for freedom.

We are grateful to be working toward advancing liberty in Florida and doing our part to keep freedom alive and well nationwide.

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