Common Core

By: The James Madison Institute / August 9, 2013

The James Madison Institute


August 9, 2013

Issue Analysis: Common Core presents the below ten questions concerning Common Core and provides answers prepared by the policy staff of The James Madison Institute.Read the full publication — JMI Issue Analysis: Common Core[1] Q: What are the “Common Core Standards” that we’ve heard so much about?
[2] Q:  What is the origin of Common Core?
[3] Q: Has the State of Florida officially adopted Common Core?
[4] Q: Why did so many states feel a need to participate in Common Core?
[5] Q: Who else supports Common Core and Florida’s participation in this initiative?
[6] Q: People whose opinions I respect have serious concerns about Common Core. Why?
[7] Q: Is it true that Common Core will determine or at least influence the curriculum? Did teachers have a role in drafting the standards?
[8] Q: So, will Common Core lead to federal control of America’s schools?
[9] Q: Has The James Madison Institute taken a position on this issue? Will Common Core help or hurt the cause of parental choice in education, which JMI has long supported?
[10 ] Q: What should concerned citizens do, if anything, as Common Core moves ahead?