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Dr. Bob McClure Appears on WCTV’s “The Usual Suspec⁠t⁠s”

By: The James Madison Institute / 2017

The James Madison Institute's Dr. Bob McClure discussesthe latest in Florida politics, including the debate over Visit Florida,on WCTV's The Usual Suspects. Watch the conversation here:

The Usual Suspects, February 18, 2017, Part 1

The Usual Suspects, February 18, 2017, Part 2

The Usual Suspects, airing in 38 counties, has become one of North Florida’s and South Georgia’s premier political talk shows.

Interviewing prominent government officials and significant personalities in the political arena, The Usual Suspects uses traditional talk show methods combined with new innovative topics that provides a fresh look into the world of politics and government.

While highlighting issues on a national level, The Usual Suspects also features issues from local markets that do not get national coverage on other political talk shows.