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EVENT: K⁠i⁠ds for Cash Exclus⁠i⁠ve Pre-Release F⁠i⁠lm Screen⁠i⁠ng on Oc⁠t⁠. 7 a⁠t⁠ 6 p.m.

By: The James Madison Institute / 2013

KIDS FOR CASH is a riveting look behind the notorious scandal that rocked the nation. It exposes a shocking American secret: We as a country continue to bring hundreds of thousands of youth into the juvenile justice system for minor offenses – even though arresting, detaining and incarcerating youth is expensive, ineffective, causes everlasting damage to children and their families and has little impact on public safety.  Beyond the millions paid and the high stakes corruption it exposes, KIDS FOR CASH highlights the need for system accountability and continual community engagement.

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PANEL DISCUSSION FOLLOWING SCREENING: Marsha Levick, Esq., Deputy Director and Chief Counsel, Juvenile Law Center featured in KIDS FOR CASH and Robert May, Director and Producer of KIDS FOR CASH, will discuss how the film relates to ongoing juvenile justice reform efforts here in Florida.??

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