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FAU/FIU Lec⁠t⁠ure Ser⁠i⁠es w⁠i⁠⁠t⁠h Charles C.W. Cooke

By: The James Madison Institute / 2015

Could you be a Conservatarian?
Hear one author’s take on mixing political options.
Charles C.W. Cooke Speaks at FAU & FIU
Author of The Conservatarian Manifesto
Charles C.W. Cooke is a writer with the National Review and a graduate of the University of Oxford, where he studied modern history and politics. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the New York Post, the National Interest and the Washington Times.The book is in part a look at the growing number of self-identified “conservatarians.” At the book’s heart is a sustained defense of federalism and of a thriving, diverse civil society.
Wednesday, October 28
3 p.m.
FAU Boca Campus; GS119
Thursday, October 29
12 p.m.
Diaz-Balart Law College Bldg Room 2002
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