Free ⁠t⁠o G⁠i⁠ve

By: The James Madison Institute / April 29, 2010

The James Madison Institute


April 29, 2010

The Florida Legislature just passed a Trust Administration bill (SB 998/HB 361) which included language to protect Florida’s philanthropic organizations from potential governmental regulation. The measure passed without a single “no” vote from either party or chamber.In December 2009, The James Madison Institute published a policy brief on philanthropic freedom titled, “The Future of Philanthropy in Florida.” This study, written by JMI Adjunct Scholar Matthew Vadum, provided background on how the Greenlining Institute had worked to pass a bill in California which essentially allowed the government to regulate how these charitable organizations operate and how their funds are allocated.The passage of the bill was a big win for all nonprofit organizations across the state. The bill will hit the Governor’s desk in the upcoming weeks, and he’s expected to sign it. With his signature, Florida’s philanthropic organizations will be guaranteed the liberty to operate as they wish without fear of governmental interference.