Jeff A⁠t⁠wa⁠t⁠er: Dollars & Sense…

By: The James Madison Institute / 2017



Each year, beginning on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, who some might say is America’s founding father of thrift, we celebrate “Thrift Week.” Increasing financial literacy and the ability of consumers to make sound budgeting and spending decisions is the backbone to a healthy economy. In a continued effort to highlight the importance of saving and the steps needed to obtain long-term financial security, I’m pleased to once again sponsor a resolution signed by Governor Scott and my fellow Cabinet members recognizing this week as “Florida Thrift Week.”

Now considered a thrift education opportunity, the movement got its start in 1916, as the nation was presented with the reality of a burdened wartime economy following World War I. As a result, American civic leaders took it upon themselves to arm their citizens in the fight for financial freedom and “National Thrift Week” was introduced.

A century later, the principles of strategic budgeting continue to remain an integral component in long-term financial stability. Recognizing that smart saving and spending strategies will help Floridians reach their long-term economic goals is just the first step. Implementing these strategies is the only way we’ll gain the financial security needed to enhance financial literacy and promote economic development among our communities.

Year after year, the James Madison Institute (JMI), a Florida-based research and educational organization, has taken a head-on approach to recognizing Thrift Week and highlighting the importance of smart spending. As a part of their ongoing efforts, JMI has teamed up with multiple newspapers across the state to distribute a supplemental curriculum,All About the Benjamins: Understanding the Value of Thrift, aimed at increasing the thriftiness of students across Florida. I encourage all of you to check out JMI’s curriculum and join us in the fight to attain long-term financial stability.

As we push for a quality start to 2017, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating National Thrift Week. From shopping at second-hand stores to better planning to prevent spontaneous purchases, there are easy ways to save a dollar here and there.


Jeff Atwater
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida


CFO Jeff Atwater presented the 2017 Thrift Week Proclamation to JMIfor the week longcelebration that kicked off on January 17 and endsJanuary 23, 2017.

Executive Vice President, Becky Liner and Ben Franklin play an educational thrift week game with Munroe Day School students.

A Gadsden Elementary Magnet School student posing with a one hundred dollar bill during our Thrift Week school visit.