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JMI Commends Pol⁠i⁠cymakers on Tackl⁠i⁠ng Legal Cl⁠i⁠ma⁠t⁠e Challenges

By: Logan Padgett / February 16, 2023

Logan Padgett


Press Releases

February 16, 2023

Forcing families already struggling with the price of eggs to line the pockets of billboard trial attorneys is not only troublesome – it’s immoral. With regards to policy, Florida gets so much right, and it is sad that our litigation environment continues to create a black eye on our progress and prosperity. Fraudulent and frivolous lawsuits cost families thousands of dollars every year. This tort tax hits Floridians at a time when every single dollar matters.

We are thankful for Governor DeSantis’ recent statements on the need for legal reform, and we are especially grateful to Speaker Renner, President Passidomo, and Representatives Tommy Gregory and Tom Fabricio for HB837. This proposal will build upon the good work accomplished last year and continue the path of righting the ship on Florida’s legal climate. 

We are hopeful that all stakeholders recognize the value to Floridians and present a united front as it moves through the process. We look forward to seeing the proposal receive consideration and ultimately make it to the desk of the Governor.


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