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By: Logan Padgett / 2023

Logan Padgett


Press Releases


November 1, 2023

Logan Elizabeth Padgett

JMI Releases 2024 Policy Priorities

With the economic freedom and prosperity we enjoy here, the Florida experiment is clearly working. Florida’s 2023 Legislative Session as the single most transformational session in the last 100 years…in any state. Together, we have won many victories for limited government, economic prosperity and liberty, but there is still much to be done.

Today, The James Madison Institute released its 2024 Policy Priorities detailing a robust and visionary set of policy initiatives for the next year that advance the cause of liberty and prosperity.

“On the heels of the 2023 session, in which Florida policymakers and Governor DeSantis enacted more conservative reforms than any state in history, the goal for 2024 should be singular…press forward. Those opposed to economic liberty, free markets, and limited government would welcome even the slightest of toeholds they could leverage to turn the Sunshine State in the direction of New York, California, and Illinois. We look forward to working with Speaker Renner, President Passidomo, committee chairs, members, and the best Governor in the Country to further the cause for liberty and cement Florida as the blueprint for conservative governance that propels prosperity. Press forward.” –Sal Nuzzo, Senior Vice President, The James Madison Institute

“JMI remains steadfast in the belief that an ongoing commitment to limiting the footprint of government control in our lives, pursuing free markets through competition, protecting private property, and expanding the ability of parents to choose the best educational settings for their children will continue to make the Sunshine State a beacon of liberty and prosperity for the rest of the world.  In so many ways, we count ourselves fortunate to do what we do in Florida.” –Dr. Bob McClure, President and CEO, The James Madison Institute

“Technology and Innovation will inevitably be at the forefront of lawmakers’ minds during the upcoming legislative session. The James Madison Institute urges the legislature to continue its commitment to a light touch agenda and free-market principles that has allowed innovators to innovate and entrepreneurs to build a dynamic economy. Continuing to follow these principles will ensure Florida continues to attract Americans who are rejecting big government and making the Sunshine State home.” –Dr. Edward Longe, Director of the Center for Technology & Innovation, The James Madison Institute

“The Florida Legislature’s adoption of universal school choice scholarships has been a smashing success. The Sunshine State now has 350,000+ students benefiting from K-12 scholarships — more than the entire public school population in 15 different states!  We still have some work to do, however — 96,000 families applied for and were awarded scholarships, but couldn’t find a good fit for their child. We need to lift regulatory barriers that are hindering the growth of new education enterprises. Put another way, we’ve got 96,000 problems — and under-regulation ain’t one of them.” –William Mattox, Director of the Marshall Center for Educational Options

We at The James Madison Institute are honored to continue fighting for the ideals of limited government, economic freedom, and free enterprise for everyone in the Sunshine State. Our commitment to engaging with policymakers and the public will remain steadfast. There is much to be done on this journey.

Find our full list of policy priorities here.


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