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JMI Releases ⁠t⁠he 2022 Ed⁠i⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠on of ⁠t⁠he Journal: Coll⁠i⁠s⁠i⁠on Course

By: Logan Padgett / 2022

Logan Padgett


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October 19, 2022

Logan Elizabeth Padgett
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JMI Releases the 2022 Edition of The Journal: Collision Course

TALLAHASSEE – Over the past 25 years, Florida has embraced a slew of free-market conservative reforms, many of which have been the first of their kind. The Sunshine State continues to be an outpost of liberty to other states in the battle of ideas. 

Today, The James Madison Institute released the 2022 edition of The Journal, JMI’s annual publication of articles from all policy areas that align with JMI’s efforts. As the title suggests, the latest edition of The Journal focuses on the “Collision Course” between Florida and Washington D.C. It includes 25 individual articles, opinions, narratives and reflections from industry leaders, policy experts, JMI advisors, and staff.  It is our hope that you will see this issue as an insight into the many ways that Florida is at the forefront and what lies ahead for the Sunshine State.

It includes the 2022 Amendment Guide, and articles from incoming Speaker of the Florida House Paul Renner, National Review columnist John Fund, and Former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, and others. 

“I truly believe Floridians will look back on the 2022 election as one where we decided to stay the course or chose to move in a totally different direction and pursue the path of progressive states like California, Illinois, and Connecticut. It is our sincere hope that in preparing this edition, we could provide a glimpse into the bright future we see for the Sunshine State as we continue our efforts to position the state as a beacon for the country and the world.” –Dr. J Robert McClure- President and CEO, The James Madison Institute

Once upon a time, when it seemed as though we all possessed more compassion and grace, a lawmaker uttered a phrase that defined politics for several generations, “all politics is local.” That philosophy guided our path. Now, it has been inverted. As the culture wars rage, it appears that all politics has become national. It is our hope that Florida can continue to recognize that policy decisions have impacts on individuals. That the laws made in the halls of Congress, in state legislatures, and in city and county commissions around the country would continue to protect the rights and liberties enshrined by the founders more than 230 years ago. I would like to thank Speaker Renner, John Fund, Chad Wolf, and the many others who have made this issue of The Journal one that I am exceedingly proud of– Sal Nuzzo, VP of Policy, The James Madison Institute

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