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JMI Releases ⁠t⁠he Fall 2018 Ed⁠i⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠on of The Journal: #Elec⁠t⁠⁠i⁠on 2018

By: Logan Padgett / 2018


October 2, 2018


Logan Elizabeth Padgett

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JMI Releases the Fall 2018 Edition of The Journal: #Election 2018

TALLAHASSEE – When Floridians take to the polls on the first Tuesday of November, they will cast votes for more offices and issues than at any other time in recent history.

On the ballot will be all four cabinet members (Governor, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner, Chief Financial Officer), who will chart the course by setting an economic agenda, appointing agency heads, and overseeing a $1 trillion-dollar economy (the 17th largest on the planet). Floridians will also vote on all 120 members of the Florida House of Representatives, half of the Florida Senate, 25 members of the United States Congress, a highly-contested U.S. Senate seat, and 12 ballot initatives for the Florida Constitution. Additionally, three members of the Florida Supreme Court will be retiring, making this election all the more pivotal for the future of our court system.

As the title suggests, The James Madison Institute’s Fall 2018 Journal, #Election2018, is devoted to what is at stake and the policy debates that hinge on the outcome of the 2018 election – including healthcare, education, labor, occupational licensing, the court system, the Florida Constitution, and others. It also includes a brief history of Florida elections and an abridged version of JMI’s 2018 Florida Amendment Guide.

While our elected leaders have striven over the past 20 years to place the economy of Florida on a trajectory for lasting prosperity, the progress they have made is 100 percent on the line for voters to decide on November 6.

Statements from JMI senior staff:

“I truly believe Floridians will look back on the 2018 election as one where we decided to stay the course or chose to move in a totally different direction and pursue the path of progressive states like California, Illinois, and Connecticut.” –Dr. J Robert McClure- President and CEO, The James Madison Institute

“The Florida story is the story of America. It’s the story of ranchers, entrepreneurs, service workers, teachers, farmers, manufacturers, parents, and children. It is the story of the Great Recession, and the rise from the ashes of economic catastrophe. It is the striving for a greater future for our sons and daughters than we had. That story becomes a ‘choose your own adventure’ scenario on November 6. For more than 30 years, JMI has pursued a mission of providing elected leaders and everyday Floridians with objective, timely, and compelling information on policy issues affecting the economy of the Sunshine State. It is our privilege to continue that mission this election season.” -Sal Nuzzo – Vice President of Policy, The James Madison Institute

The Journal is available at:

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