May 2012 – 12 S⁠t⁠eps ⁠t⁠o F⁠i⁠scal Sobr⁠i⁠e⁠t⁠y

By: The James Madison Institute / 2012



These steps should be followed by all government policymakers (particularly those in Washington):

We admitted that we could not restrain ourselves when it came to spending other people’s money- and that our government budgets had become unmanageable.
We came to believe that only a power greater than ourselves- the Constitution- could restore us to fiscal sanity.
We made a decision to turn from our big-spending ways and balance the government budget.
We made a searching and fearless inventory of all unnecessary government expenditures.
We removed all these unnecessary expenditures from the budget.
We admitted to ourselves and our constituents the exact nature of our spendaholic ways.
We humbly asked our constituents to remove us from office if we ever fell off the wagon and started spending recklessly again.
We took a census of all the taxpayers we had harmed and began making amends to them all.
We began paying off all government debts, lest we prevent future generations from achieving the American Dream.
We continued to take inventory of the unintended consequences of government programs; and when we had delusions of government grandeur, we promptly admitted it.
We sought to improve our contact with our constituents, asking only for the privilege of representing the taxpayers’ interest.
Having had a political awakening as a result of these steps, we now seek to carry this message to other spendaholics and to practice thrift in all our affairs.

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