Pho⁠t⁠o of ⁠t⁠he Week: On June 23, 1938, Mar⁠i⁠neland Opened as Mar⁠i⁠ne S⁠t⁠ud⁠i⁠os

By: The James Madison Institute / 2018



Title: Marineland

Location: Marineland, Florida

Date of Photograph: 1990

Photographer: John Margolies

Credit: John Margolies, Library of Congress

Interesting Facts About Marineland

Around 30,000 people attended Marine Studios on its opening day in 1938.

The park’s founders were lIia Tolstoy, Douglas Burden, and C.V. Whitney.

The founders were also developers. Indeed, they built a town, known today as Marineland, along with the marine facility.

The bottlenose dolphin was the main attraction of the studio in 1938.

The marine facility has been used for scenes in various films.

In 1961, Marine Studios changed its name to Marineland of Florida.

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