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STATEMENT: JMI Releases Analys⁠i⁠s of Flor⁠i⁠da Governor Cand⁠i⁠da⁠t⁠es’ Econom⁠i⁠c Pla⁠t⁠forms

By: The James Madison Institute / 2018


October 15, 2018


Logan Elizabeth Padgett

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JMI Releases Analysis of Florida Governor Candidates’ Economic Platforms

TALLAHASSEE – The 2018 election is arguably the most pivotal election in Florida’s history. It is within this context that The James Madison Institute has partnered with two nationally-known premier economists to produce an objective and non-partisan analysis of the economic platforms of each of the two major candidates vying to be Florida’s 44th Governor.

The Washington Economics Group and Arduin, Laffer, and Moore are both recognized globally for their expertise and objectivity.

“Election 2018: Platforms, Proposals, Projections” dives into the central elements of each candidate’s economic agenda, analyzes the fiscal implications of major proposals, and projects the overall impacts from each on the economic climate of Florida. We present this information to offer Floridians an opportunity to digest the implications of the choice they face on November 6.

For more than 30 years, The James Madison Institute has pursued a mission of providing elected leaders and everyday Floridians with objective, timely, and compelling information on policy issues affecting the economy of the Sunshine State. It is our privilege to continue that mission this election season.

Statements from JMI CEO and authors:

“The policy agendas of both candidates for governor will significantly impact Florida’s future. In such a hyper-politicized atmosphere, it is imperative that Floridians become educated on the policies that will inform the choice they make on November 6.” –Dr. J Robert McClure President and CEO, The James Madison Institute

“The research shows that Florida’s economy has thrived over the past 20 years because its leaders have employed job-friendly, pro-growth policies.  Businesses can, and do, change their behavior based on tax changes, and now more than ever businesses are able to readily take their enterprises and jobs elsewhere.” –Donna Arduin – President and Co-Founder, Arduin, Laffer, Moore Econometrics

“The research shows that a pro-growth policy agenda will maintain and likely improve the top business climate that Florida enjoys, leading to strong employment generation and economic activity.  The research also shows that policies that propose higher taxes and unfunded state mandates would cause a sharp decrease in economic momentum and in our top economic climate rankings, and result in significantly less job opportunities for Floridians. – J. Antonio Villamil – JMI Senior Fellow; Founder and Principal, the Washington Economics Group

“Election 2018: Platforms, Proposals, Projections” is available at:

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