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STATEMENT RELEASE: 2021 S⁠i⁠ne D⁠i⁠e

By: Logan Padgett / 2021

April 30, 2021

Logan Elizabeth Padgett

The James Madison Institute Applauds the Florida Legislature on 2021 Session Accomplishments

Tallahassee- With the passage of a $101.5 billion state budget, the Florida Legislature concluded the 2021 session and adjourned “sine die” Friday afternoon.

We congratulate Speaker Chris Sprowls, President Wilton Simpson, and the members of the Florida House and Senate on their many accomplishments during the 2021 session. In addition to a budget that respects taxpayer funds, this year the Legislature made strides for Floridians including:

  • a major expansion of school choice
  • parity for online sales resulting in a net tax reduction
  • Initiated an annual survey to assess the influence of ‘cancel culture’ at state universities
  • reforms to licensing laws that will aid small businesses and entrepreneurm
  • liability protection from frivolous litigation related to the pandemic
  • reforms to our property insurance regulations that will aid homeowners

“As more than 800 people a day move to the Sunshine State – fleeing high-tax/high-regulation states like New York – we count our blessings that we have leaders who recognize the fundamental principles that make this State so great” said Dr. Bob McClure, JMI’s President and CEO. “Speaker Sprowls, President Simpson, and the entire Florida Legislature continue to set the bar high, and I thank them for their work on behalf of more than 21 million Floridians.”

“2020 saw a continuation of the trend in states governed by the Left – a trend of concentration of power and authoritarianism, all in the name of protecting public health and safety. They do so in spite of facts, data, and reality. Thankfully, in 2021 our legislature chose different. We chose to embrace limited government, economic and personal liberty, and free enterprise. This commitment has resulted in more than $200 billion in income migration and a population that is booming. They come here because of the decisions our policy leaders make. As Washington DC continues to show us everything that is wrong with politics, I am grateful to see our state legislature take a stand in opposition to this. Thank you to each and every member for your commitment to our great state.”