STATEMENT RELEASE: “Flor⁠i⁠da Supreme Cour⁠t⁠ Reaff⁠i⁠rms School Cho⁠i⁠ce”

By: Dr. J. Robert McClure / 2017



January 19, 2017

Contact: Logan Pike
(850) 386-3131

TALLAHASSEE– In response to the Florida Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the Florida Education Association’s lawsuit attempting to end Florida’s tax credit scholarship program, which benefits nearly 100,000 children, the James Madison Institute issued the following statement:

Today, Florida parents can rest easier knowing one of their most precious freedoms – the freedom to choose the school that best fits their child's needs and abilities – was reaffirmed by the Florida Supreme Court, said Dr. Bob McClure, CEO of the James Madison Institute. It is my sincere hope that, as the fog of legal challenges can now be lifted, more parents will use this powerful tool to help their children achieve their full potential, benefitting not only them, but all of us.

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