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STATEMENT RELEASE: JMI Applauds Governor Sco⁠t⁠⁠t⁠ and Leg⁠i⁠sla⁠t⁠ure for Pu⁠t⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠ng Flor⁠i⁠d⁠i⁠ans F⁠i⁠rs⁠t⁠

By: Dr. J. Robert McClure / 2017


June 2, 2017

CONTACT: Logan Pike


JMI Applauds Governor Scott and Legislature for Putting Floridians First

Statement by The James Madison Institute President and CEO, Dr. J. Robert McClure

TALLAHASSEE – The announcement of an agreement between both chambers of the legislature and the Governor is a win for taxpayers, entrepreneurs, and all Floridians. Florida will continue to lead the nation as a beacon for economic prosperity, while serving as a model of how limited government and a healthy business climate can benefit all. Washington, D.C. should take note.

While overtaxed and overregulated states, like New York, struggle to fix potholes on a budget twice the size, Florida will reap the benefits of low taxes, low regulation, and effective government.

For 30 years, The James Madison Institute has been on the front lines of the battle of ideas and principles in Florida. This battle has few better allies than Governor Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron, and Speaker Richard Corcoran. We thank Florida’s executive and legislative leadership for their commitment to stewarding taxpayer dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible, for their commitment to the principles of limited government and economic freedom, and for their steadfast allegiance to the values that The James Madison Institute has protected and advanced for 30 years.