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STATEMENT RELEASE: JMI Releases 2022 Pol⁠i⁠cy Pr⁠i⁠or⁠i⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠es

By: Logan Padgett / 2021


October 11, 2021


Logan Elizabeth Padgett


STATEMENT RELEASE: JMI Releases 2022 Policy Priorities

Today, The James Madison Institute released its 2022 Policy Priorities, which detail a robust and visionary set of initiatives for the next year that reinforce our principles of limited government and economic liberty.

The 2021 Florida legislative session was, without question, one of the most unique in recent memory. A closed capitol, committee hearings viewed on closed circuit from the Civic Center, and an overall odd sense of quiet permeated an otherwise traditional legislative calendar. And while the achievements made despite the circumstances were extraordinary, there was a sense that much was left to be done.

Looking ahead, it is vital to affirm, both for JMI and the 22 million (and growing) Floridians, that the mission moves forward. In the 2022 cycle, we will see the legislature tackle reapportionment, add a congressional district, pass a new budget, and (hopefully) continue advancing the Sunshine State as the best place to live, work, and start a business. That doesn’t happen without a commitment to fiscal integrity, low taxes, minimal regulation, and legislative leadership to preserve the principles and reason for more than 800 new residents every single day.

The 2022 Policy Priorities for The James Madison Institute:

  • Cultivate Innovation
  • Advance Educational Opportunity & Academic Excellence
  • Protect Individual Liberty & Good Governance
  • Expand Healthcare Solutions
  • Safeguard the Values of Free Markets, Choice, and Liberty in Federal Policy

“Florida is a hub of technological innovation, of international commerce, of tourism, and so much more. That reality requires a deliberate and intentional commitment to advancing freedom and liberty. The policy team at JMI is committed to providing our elected leaders in Tallahassee and D.C., along with the 22 million residents from Pensacola to Key West, with all of the tools necessary to ensure that the Sunshine State continues to build on our success into 2022 and beyond. We hold firm to the belief that free market capitalism, private property rights, and the rule of law is the single biggest prosperity engine in human history.” –Sal Nuzzo, Vice President of Policy, The James Madison Institute

To read the 2022 Policy Priorities, click here.



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