The 2021 Journal

By: Logan Padgett / 2021

Logan Padgett




Fall 2021| Number 64

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Cover Story
A Dedication to George Gibbs
By: Dr. J Robert McClure

The ‘Big Sort’ Is On 

Christopher C. Hull 
COVID, Crime, and Cost are driving Americans to Florida. Will the Sunshine State’s newcomers leave their old state’s politics behind?

2022 Policy Priorities
JMI Policy Team
Cultivating innovation, advancing opportunities, and other goals for the 2022 legislative session.

Florida’s Election Law: Ballot Integrity vs Jim Crow Labeling
Julia Van de Bogart
Despite far-Left scrutiny, election reform has not “suppressed” voters. Florida’s election reforms prove it.

The 2021 U.S. Prosperity Index and the Prosperity of Florida
Shaun Flanagan
An analysis of the United States’ and Florida’s continuous rise in prosperity.

The Future of Florida Journalism
By: Emerson W. George
An interview with Brian Burgess of The Capitolist, discussing media outlets in the Internet Age.

Why James Madison Would Have Loved Soccer
William Mattox
As well as other things I learned in conversation with JMI’s Summer interns.

Frederick Douglass: Embracing American Ideals
Sam Schaefer
An examination of Douglass’ understanding of personal responsibility and how it shaped his American identity.

Hot Homes
Victor V. Claar
Analyzing how Florida can be hospitable for workforce housing, super charging our prosperity.

Hybrid Homeschooling: A Guide to the Future of Education
Michael McShane
Hybrid private-school formats are creating new communities, as well as giving parents confidence in their child’s education.

Protecting Donor Privacy
Heather Lauer
All Americans should have the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights privately.

Universal Scholarships Can Help Neighborhoods Needing Revitalization
Bartley Danielson
Giving urban, impoverished families more choice to their child’s education will improve neighborhoods and raise property values.

Florida’s Security & Prosperity in Jeopardy – This is How We Protect It
David Luna
Illegal trade is not a victimless or petty crime: here are the steps Florida and other states must take to defend themselves against it.

Florida’s Pension Plan Still Needs Fixing, as Other States Lead the Way
Steven Gassenberger and Adrian Moore
The 2022 legislative session is a key opportunity for Florida to take the next steps in protecting its retirees and taxpayers.

Reforming Florida Law So DAOs Are Not DOA
Andrea O’Sullivan
Examining a new, exciting option for seasoned investors, and how the Sunshine State is able to protect them.

Rural Broadband Deployment in Florida
Brent Skorup & Michael Kotrous
In an age where internet connection is vital, an examination of further reforms to help Florida close the digital divide.

Creating A Digital Banking Hub in the Sunshine State
Sean Stein Smith
Digital asset banking is proving to be the next wave in financial innovation, and several states are taking advantage of its growing popularity.

Telehealth Services: Addressing Mental Health Issues and Police Reform Efforts
Vittorio Nastasi
Alternative approaches to those with mental illnesses would prevent tragic encounters with law enforcement.

The New Era of Access
Julia Canady
Florida ranks 5th in broadband connectivity, but there is much room for improvement. How does the Sunshine State provide access to all its citizens?

Fortifying the Front Lines in Healthcare
Bob Boyd
There are critical staffing shortages in hospitals throughout Florida, but Florida can tackle that issue through education.

More Still Needs to be Done to Protect Florida Public Employees
F. Vincent Vernuccio
New proposals in the 2021 legislative session would have protected public employees, and there are still opportunities to do the same in 2022.

Keeping Housing Affordable
Adam A. Millsap, Ph.D.
Examining the recent increase in housing prices, and how Florida can break free from the mess that has plagued other states.

From the Archives

Putting Students Before the ‘System’
William Mattox
From Real Clear Policy – Defenders of “systemic privilege” put the system before the students. But Florida has been working for years to end “systemic privilege,” adopting new education choice policies.

Florida’s Pioneering Medical Reforms
Sal Nuzzo and Vittorio Nastasi
From the Wall Street Journal – While the COVID-19 pandemic put many strains on our healthcare system, Florida is leading the way in reforms that give providers more freedom.