The D⁠i⁠fference A Year Makes

By: The James Madison Institute / February 2, 2010

The James Madison Institute


February 2, 2010

By Bob McClure, President & CEOWhat a difference a year makes. A year ago Americans were told that the principles of limited government and personal responsibility were completely out of fashion…yesterday’s news. A year ago we were told that the “era of Reagan was over.” A year ago we were told that those in Washington and others at virtually all levels of government “knew best” and that to challenge them or to remind them that they worked for the citizens of this great state and our great country was a simplistic, even quaint notion. So often it has seemed recently that the principles of America encapsulated in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and expanded upon in the Federalist Papers may not survive.Yes indeed…what a difference a year makes. For virtually all of 2009, we at the Institute were asked by so many of you, and understandably so, “what can I do and will it make a difference?” Today the answer could not be more clear. Those of you who chose to care, to get involved with your time, your talent, your support and your voice have changed the landscape of this country and its course for a very, very long time. Your calls and letters; your rallies at Tea Parties and town halls; your blogs; your support of organizations such as The James Madison Institute…all of these things have called to account those elected officials in the state of Florida, and across the country. All of us together have made this happen.As we move forward in 2010, it is no time for rest. We must continue to hold those accountable who do not govern as they run, and we must continue to educate those who do not comprehend the power and importance of liberty. Some of you have asked what you should say in your letters to elected officials. Today I have a simple answer. Write in your letter two words: Scott Brown.