The Journal- Fall 2019

By: Guest Author / 2019

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FALL 2019 | NUMBER 62



Florida on the Forefront | Senator Jeffrey Brandes

How we can use our success in economic policy to address the advent of technology and innovation in the Sunshine State.


Innovation Is Our Story | Sal Nuzzo

Florida has incubated and currently possesses all the right ingredients to become a global innovation hub. The question is, will we?

Planning for the Sudden | Chris Emmanuel

Examining large-scale data, machine learning, and Moore’s Law in the context of regulatory policy and Florida’s innovation economy.

Market-based Policies for Broadband in Florida | Dr. Mark Jamison

Examining the ways in which policy makers can address gaps in broadband deployment in Florida and remain consistent in market principles.

Soft Law and Emerging Technology in the States | Jennifer Huddleston

Examining how law and regulatory systems can work in tandem to aid innovation and protect consumers.

Breaking Up “Big Tech” – a Bad Idea | Vittorio Nastasi

Five reasons why applying antitrust law to technology firms would be bad policy.

The Future of Commercial Space Exploration and Florida | Dr. Adrian Moore

How can the state that houses NASA turn to free-market principles and make Florida an incubator for future innovation in the heavens?

Less Yang, More ‘Yen’ | William Mattox

Innovating education delivery systems and the possibilities ahead, based on a unique idea from one of the Presidential contenders.

Facing the Future of Facial Recognition | Billy Easley

With the increased use of facial recognition software by both commercial and government organizations, how can policymakers thread the needle and protect the public and promote free markets?

Disinformation and the “Deepfake” | Harith Khawaja and Christopher Koopman

Technological advances available to everyone have created a landscape where visual information can be easily manipulated. How can or should we develop policy to help protect against nefarious actors?

Permissionless Innovation and Insurance Markets | Jordan Reimschisel

With the advent and widespread use of genetic testing on a direct-to-consumer level, government can choose to ignore, embrace, or regulate. The policy choices made today will impact markets tomorrow.                                                                                                                    

ISO Standards – Promoting American Innovation in a Global Economy | Bartlett Cleland

Examining the history of, and future needs for, US engagement in global innovation standards.

How Florida Hit the Gas on Self-Driving Car Development | Marc Scribner

An in-depth discussion with one of the lead policymakers behind the drive to make Florida the global leader in autonomous vehicle innovation.

Book Reviews

Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero | Tyler Cowen

Reviewed by Camille Vazquez

A Torch Kept Lit, Great Lives of the Twentieth Century | James Rosen

Reviewed by Mary Bebout