The Journal- Fall 2020

By: The James Madison Institute / 2020

The James Madison Institute



Fall 2020 | Number 63

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Cover Story

These ’20s are Roaring | Sal Nuzzo 

The start of a new decade has ushered in a time unlike any we have ever experienced


Principles for Prosperity | Policy Team

The fundamentals of our success have not changed. What made us strong will make us stronger.

Trying Times Indeed: The Generation of Chaos | Peter Leonard 

From 9/11 to 2008 to Covid-19- a 20-year old’s perspective on living live from one crisis to the next.

2020 Amendment Guide 

Voters will vote on six possible amendments to the Florida Constitution. Find out the pros and cons.

Modern Monetary Theory- Economic Savior or False Prophet? | Madeleine Roberts 

Dissecting a frightening concept gaining momentum.

Preparing for a More Fractured Web | Andrea O’Sullivan 

A deep dive on the possibilities ahead- good, bad, and ugly- ahead for the future of the internet.

Zero-Base-Budgeting- A Path Ahead for Florida’s State Budget | David Geller 

With revenues in decline, a way that Florida can rethink its approach to budgeting for the 21st Century.

Amendment 2- Florida’s Economy at Stake | Adrian Moore 

Quite possibly the single most impactful constitutional ballot initiative in a generation will be decided on November 3.

Protecting Democracy and the 1st Amendment for Public Employees | F. Vincent Vernuccio

Florida’s workforce deserves the freedom afforded by the United States Supreme Court

Florida’s Economic Recovery | Randall Holcombe 

Examining he nuts and bolts of the economic path ahead for the Sunshine State.

Broadband Providers and a Smart FCC | Bartlett Cleland 

Smart government, a light regulatory touch, a private market vision have made the Covid lockdowns far less challenging than they might have otherwise been.

Post-Release Strategies in the Age of Covid | Logan Padgett

Private market ideas already in place can offer a path ahead for lawmakers seeking strategies for the corrections system.

Robbing Parents to Pay Paul | William Mattox

Federal tax policy can be adjusted to fix the “parents’ penalty” and advance prosperity.

Replacing Poverty with Prosperity | Michael Williams

An innovative and strategic approach to combatting generational poverty – one zip code at a time.

Policing, Qualified Immunity, and the Rise of the Warrior Cop | Sam Staley

An examination of a practical reform that can bring sanity and logic to an emotional debate happening right now.

Let’s Set a New Bar | Camille Infantolino

Thoughts on a monopoly for licensing attorneys – is it time for a new way? A law school grad’s idea.

Tackling Florida’s Blue-Green Algae | Vittorio Nastasi

Remember water issues? We do – and there is still work to do.

How Florida Highways Can Keep Pace with Growth | Dr. Robert Poole

As cars use less gas, gas tax revenues will decline. How should Florida respond?

The Need for Comprehensive Cryptoasset Policy | Sean Stein Smith

Examining the market landscapes for a technology that will reshape the planet.

From the Archives 

An Ally in the Fight Against Judicial Activism | Chris Sprowls

From our 2008 Winter/Spring Issue – 12 years ago, a first-year Stetson Law Student and Future House Speaker provides his philosophy on the role of the Judiciary.

Milton Friedman’s Mistake | Sal Nuzzo

From our 2016 Winter/Spring Issue – an idea championed by Milton Friedman that even he admitted was his biggest error, and a counter proposal that could catalyze the nation.