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Th⁠i⁠s Thanksg⁠i⁠v⁠i⁠ng, JMI ⁠i⁠s ⁠t⁠hankful for…your feedback! F⁠i⁠ll ou⁠t⁠ our 2014 survey ⁠t⁠oday!

By: The James Madison Institute / 2014

This Thanksgiving, The James Madison Institute is thankful for…
Your Feedback!
JMI is conducting a statewide survey to find out what you think about a number of topics. We value your honesty. Your anonymous answers will help us improve our efforts and better serve you now and in the future. We know this is a busy time, but if you could take 10 minutes out of your day to tell us what you think, it would mean a lot to us!
Complete our survey by Friday, November 21st for a chance to win your choice of one of three prizes:
1. $150 Amazon Gift Card
(Won’t this be nice for the holidays?)
2. 2 Tickets to JMI’s Annual Dinner
(You’ll be there anyway, why not let us treat you?)
3. A JMI Membership
(For an entire year, you’ll receive the benefits of a JMI Founder level member!)
Take our survey at
If you would like a hard copy of the survey, we’d be happy to send one to you. Contact Valerie Wickboldt at or 850-386-3131 to request a hard copy or learn more information.