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Upda⁠t⁠e on JMI’s Campus Represen⁠t⁠a⁠t⁠⁠i⁠ves

By: The James Madison Institute / 2017

From Lance Watson, JMI's Student Outreach Coordinator:

The James Madison Institute is a premier think tank for the state of Florida. It houses six different centers, one of them being the Wells Center for American Ideals. The Wells Center for American Ideals puts its full focus on the education of young people, the next great generation of change makers. There are two components that make up the center: the civics education program and the campus representative program.

Our civics education program focuses on elementary, middle, and high school students. Through this program, JMI is able to provide students with special presentations by historical re-enactors, interactive games, speaker series, and publications that illustrate early American history and its founding principles.

The other component, the campus representative program, is in its second year and can be found on ten campuses all across the state of Florida. Our representatives organizelectures, discussions, and events, and build relationships with students and professors.

It is my great pleasure to announce the achievements of a few of our campus representatives. Destiny Goede, a two-year member of our representative program at The University of Florida has recently learned she is being inducted into the University of Florida’s Hall of Fame. She will also be receiving the 2017 Outstanding Leader Award, and plans to start law school at UF’s College of Law this Fall. Next, Joseph Alter, a two-year member of our representative program at Florida Southern College, has recently informed usthat he was accepted into Florida State University’s M.B.A. program where he was also offered a grad assistant position. Lastly, Emily Hughes, a first-year member of our campus representative program at The University of South Florida will graduate in May and then move to Washington D.C. where she will begin her graduate work at George Washington University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Political Management.

The JMI Family is extremely proud of our Campus Representatives and all of their hard work. Way to go!

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