WFSU — Governor Sco⁠t⁠⁠t⁠ Celebra⁠t⁠es Second Inaugural

By: The James Madison Institute / 2015



“Governor Scott Celebrates Second Inaugural”
January 6, 2014Ceremonies are underway for the second term of Governor Rick Scott.This morning hundreds of people attended a prayer breakfast for the state’s top executive at Florida A&M University. Roads surrounding the capitol building have been blocked off and the Historic Capitol building has been decorated in advance of Scott’s arrival.–Statement from Florida Democratic Party Spokeswoman Allison Tant:

“As Rick Scott starts his second term, Floridians are wondering if this governor will do right by them — or if he will continue to side with big business and the wealthiest special interests. Over half of Floridians did not vote for Rick Scott, and Florida Democrats hope Scott governs on behalf of all Floridians, because the people need this governor to put them first.
“Sadly, today Rick Scott again misled the public by claiming to have met his promise to create new jobs — while hundreds of thousands of middle-class Floridians are still looking for work. Floridians are going to be disappointed with four more years of this governor,  and will have to suffer through more of the same – an administration with contempt for public education and no plan to help to create well-paying jobs or grow the middle class.”

Statement From Senate President Andy Gardiner:“My Senate colleagues and I congratulate Governor Scott, Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera, General Bondi, CFO Atwater and Commissioner Putnam and look forward to a continued partnership as we work to keep Florida on the path to long-term economic recovery.
“Over the last four years, our state has made tremendous progress. We’ve passed a balanced budget every year. We’ve reduced the tax burden on families and businesses. We’ve invested in education, economic development and transportation infrastructure. We’ve responsibly saved for the future, and we’ve worked to maintain a business climate that gives private sector job creators the confidence to locate and expand their businesses here in Florida.”“As the Senate begins its committee work this week, we applaud our friends in the executive branch and look forward to the work that lies ahead.”
Senate Majority Leader Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton) today released the following statement regarding the inauguration of Governor Scott, Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera, Attorney General Bondi, Commissioner Putnam, and Chief Financial Officer Atwater.Statement From Senate Majority Leader Bill Galvano:
“Congratulations to Governor Scott, Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera, Attorney General Bondi, Commissioner Putnam, and Chief Financial Officer Atwater as they begin their second terms serving the State of Florida. Over the last four years, Governor Scott and our Cabinet worked with the Florida Legislature to reduce taxes, remove burdensome red tape and streamline government, establishing pro-growth policies that have empowered private sector job creation. We are proud of these accomplishments and honored to collaborate with a Governor, Lt. Governor, and Cabinet who work tirelessly to address the concerns of our citizens and who are passionate about leading the Sunshine State.”
Statement from Dr. Bob McClure, president and CEO of The James Madison Institute: 
“Floridians spoke up in November and it was clear voters were concerned with the protection of economic opportunity. On this Inauguration Day, we congratulate Gov. Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, and Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam on being chosen to preserve the ideals Floridians value. The recent U.S. Census Bureau announcement that Florida officially surpassed New York to become the nation’s third most populous state proves we have the formula for success. “Live Free or Move” is a theme The James Madison Institute continues to promote and is a central part of Gov. Scott’s inaugural address. We are fortunate to have state leaders that understand the time is now to lock in the actions that anchor Florida as a lasting stronghold for economic freedom in America.”